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This Sonata


2 October
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I am a lot of things.
--The respectable musician with good etiquette who auditions everywhere possible until noticed for possible talent;
--the friend who will listen and give advice to everyone and anyone that needs it because she only wants to see them happy—which includes relentless amount of relationship advice even though-she herself-is mostly relationship deficient;
--The adventurous who wants to get the hell out of the same old routine and go somewhere crazy. Go to ny, go to Europe, survive it, and live to tell the tale
--the outgoing crazy girl who can, if in the mood, make friends with anyone anywhere even if she never talks to them again
--the romantic who wants nothing more than the right thing, who got sick and tired of settling for idiots that didn’t really care about her existence and couldn’t hold up a 3 hour conversation with her if they tried
--The photographer who doesn’t want to forget a single good moment again in her life because she never used to take pictures.
--the quiet scared dreamer who does nothing about think about a possible next step; the girl who used to do things without thought and regret them later because at the time...it didn’t matter;
--the nerd who enjoys videogames and rpg’s because they make her feel like she’s not living her own life and she can live someone else’s and be good at it;
--the writer who is hidden under words of analogies and metaphors hoping that some genius person will come along, read it-decode it-and understand her
--the singer who keeps going no matter what happens
--the artist who scribbles her way through drawings and paintings until it represents some meaning of mankind…or love…or something.
--The daughter who swears she thinks in a different universe from her mother
--The actress who’s sometimes shy ways disappear completely onstage and take on the persona of a mad woman. (a very happy one at that.)
--The overthinker who will think so much that it stops her from doing or saying what she really wants to say
--The go-with-the flow-kinda-person- who doesn’t always fight for what she believes in out of fear of judgment—all the while is screaming inside to be heard.
--The hopeful, that security can possibly exist

ice cream is yummy love.

my pet!